5 Pulses That Are Great for You!

  As a company that prides itself on having vegan products, we obviously love to take advantage of the pulses (aka group of legumes that include chickpeas, lentils, etc) that are available! [...]

Vegans rejoice!

  As someone who attempted to go vegan (& failed), I know how hard it can be to find foods that you are able to enjoy .. at least for me anyway! As someone who loves ice cream & has [...]

Health Benefits of Chocolate

I don’t know about you, but I love all things chocolate! Whether it is a chocolate chip cookie, a decadent chocolate protein drink (check out PROFI Pro Chocolate) or a gooey chocolate [...]

10 Tips to Eat Better in 2017!

  It is nearly time to start making some New Years resolutions! If your resolution this year is to get healthy, then you need to check out the below link for the 10 best tips on how to start [...]

What are Essential Amino Acids?

A complete or whole protein is one in which all nine essential amino acids are present and for which a protein rating of 20 is achievable. There are twenty amino acids that are the building [...]