How to stay healthy during stress

  It is almost humanely impossible to avoid being stressed these days. There is always something going on & with all of the world being connected through technology, you can never be [...]

Quick & Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts

  If you’re someone who leaves Christmas shopping to the very last minute, keep on reading! We found & put together 3 last minute gift ideas to complete your list, all from the [...]

Raising Vegan Children

  Blog by Amber Allen I have been vegan for eleven years, and both my two children (Selkie 5 years old, and Indie 27 months), as well as my husband are vegan. We have chosen to raise our [...]

Healthy Halloween Inspired Treats

healthy We are breaking from tradition & making healthy snacks this Halloween! While they may not be filled with sugar or coated in chocolate, the fun designs are sure to be a hit with kids [...]

Hiking the West Coast Trail

hiking Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hike the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, Canada? This dream became a reality for Carol and Chris Finlan in the summer of 2017. As it [...]

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