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January is the month of trying to kick our old habits to the curb & become a new, healthier version of ourselves. While this is pretty much everyone’s resolution, only a fraction of people actually maintain their new, healthy lifestyle! All our lives (or at least my life!) we’ve been told to watch our calories and to not eat junk food  if we want to stay healthy, but that isn’t the case! Of course, if you’re eating meals that are 3000+ calories, that isn’t good for you, but if you limit yourself to the point where you’re barely eating anything .. that won’t work long term! In my opinion, the best way to maintain your health while not starving yourself, is to limit the amount you eat while still enjoying the things you love.

Check out the great link below for 29 easy recipes to help you keep on track this year, all while still eating your favourite foods! 🙂


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