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Being a varsity athlete, skating coach, and nutrition student at the University of Guelph, Katie recognizes how important it is to choose nourishing food so she can keep up with her daily life!  Her journey with health & wellness truly started when she became vegan almost 2 years. Not only does it affect what she puts into her body, but has become a lifestyle. She believes the food we put into our bodies is key to the health & clarity we have in all aspects, including mind, body, and soul. This led Katie to share her passion of food & it’s bountiful affects on her body with others through Instagram, blog, and YouTube. Katie’s goal is not only to inspire others to be their best self through food, but recognize the connection of where our food is grown, to be eco friendly in what we buy by reducing waste, and realizing how AMAZING real food can make us feel. Being a figure skater, it is extremely important that Katie gets all of her macros, including protein. She wouldn’t be able to do jumps, or last through a 3 minute program on ice without it! Outside of skating, she continues her movement through yoga, travel, and running!


“We all need our protein, and I’m all for putting real food into my body. I love PROFI because of how small the ingredients list is. No ingredients with names you can’t pronounce, just real food. It tastes amazing as well and is such an easy addition into some water or even a smoothie!”




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