David Kim-MacKinnon

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David is a certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor. He is also certified in kettlebell athletics, Pre & Post Natal fitness as well as Trigger Point Therapy. David is passionate about all things health! He wants to help as many people as he can get in the best shape of their life as well as fill the world with his high energy & positivity (not hard, just being around him cheers you up!) As he says “everyone could use more positivity in their life!” David’s goal is to open his own gym and continue his fitness journey while being able to enjoy the things he loves such as family & traveling.

David is also a co-creator of Toronto-based, Team Awaken. This team combines high interval training, yoga & live music giving you the best workout experience imaginable. Interested in learning more about the events & how you can get involved? Email teamawakenevents@gmail.com

 teamawakenevents  @teamawaken


“I love that PROFI Pro is completely vegan, low sugar and tastes amazing! My biggest problem with the mainstream whey protein on the markets, is that I was lactose intolerant, as a matter of fact many people do not know that they have a lactose intolerance. Switching to PROFI Pro has had many noticeable benefits to not only my muscular definition, but my digestive system as a whole”. -David on why he loves (& uses) PROFI Pro products


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