What we believe

We are a company that is dedicated to a healthy and active lifestyle. We believe in living life with passion and embracing every challenge. We may not always win, but we never lose – because we never stop trying. It is this principle that led to the creation of PROFI, our award-winning complete, plant-based protein powder. PROFI is a way of life, a way to give our bodies the best and to expect the best from ourselves.
Living Healthy is Living Happy.

What is a
complete protein ?

By now, you have probably noticed that we talk a lot about complete proteins! Since this information isn’t really common knowledge, we’ve decided to give you some clarification!

A complete protein is one that contains all of the essential amino acids in proper proportions to allow for normal growth and tissue maintenance within the body. There are nine essential amino acids. These include: histidine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, isoleucine, threonine, valine, methionine, lysine & leucine (refer to the article on amino acids for further explanation into their benefits!)

Tyrosine and cysteine are often included in this list. However, tyrosine and cysteine are actually not considered essential because they are produced in the human body from phenylalanine and methionine. Furthermore, histidine is considered essential to everyone. However, all of these amino acids must be measured in a food product in order to determine the amino acid score which is used, along with a measure of protein digestibility, to determine the protein quality.

As you can see, complete proteins are just better! It’s this reason that we choose to only create products that are complete, plant-based proteins! We give you the best so that you can be your best!

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